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Salt Marsh Pottery

Salt Marsh Pottery

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Our goal is 100% customer delight!
If you do not see a time that works for you please, please call us at 800-859-5028

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SB-T09 DARTMOUTH ONLY. Hands and feet. 0 through 5 months. NO SHIPPING. Pick up in Dartmouth - $129.63
At our Dartmouth studio, we put babies hands and feet in clay for a tile about 7 X 9".
If you want another configuration, like a hand each of two kids on on this size, we will do that. You choose decorations and colors. In about a month we call you when it is finished and you can pick it up here.
SB-T11 DARTMOUTH ONLY hands and feet 6mo. through about 15 mo.. NO SHIPPING. Pick up in Dartmouth - $143.44
You come to our DARTMOUTH studio. We press both hands and feet into a tile about 9" X 11". Or you can have another configuration with a hand each of two children. We will work with what you want. You choose decorations and colors and we call you in about a month to come back and pick up your finished piece.
Multiple pieces or you are undecided. - $50
Minimum Deposit, $50.00. Choose this if you want mutiples or a piece not shown. Then CALL US. Please tell us in comments the name of the child, the birthday and the current age. Or tell us what other pieces you want. Otherwise we will email you a work order for tile for that age. Any questions, PLEASE CALL US AT 800 859 5028 .

Directions 1167 Russells Mills Rd., Dartmouth, MA 02748